The MCG Management guarantees the performing of its activity through the proactive

implantation of a Quality Management System (QMS), the basic principles of which are as follows:

√ Leadership. facilitator of resources and support
√ Process Management
√ Customer focus: external and internal
√ Transparency
√ Encouragement of staff participation
√ Continuous Improvement: as working attitude
√ Safety and Health of people
√ Environmental Protection and Pollution Prevention

And is committed to the establishing, review and deploying of all general company objectives, which are as follows:

  • Seeking EFFICIENCY
  • Customer, Staff, Shareholder, Supplier and other interested party SATISFACTION.
  • CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT of the EFFICIENCY of the Quality Management System.

To fulfil these objectives the General Management:

  • Provides the necessary technical and human resources
  • Disseminates, applies and supports this Quality and Environment Policy in all areas of the

company and interested parties and makes it available to any interested person.

MCG process leaders assume Quality Management as a responsibility at all levels of the Organisation and undertake to comply and ensure compliance of everything reflected in this Policy and in the Integrated Quality Management Manual.

Guillermo Alonso
Chief Executive
March 2014

Quality requirements Sevices Suppliers
Quality requirements Sevices Suppliers
Quality requirements for Suppliers
Quality requirements for Suppliers