Welding and Assembly

Welding and assembly
Advanced assembly technologies such as Metal inert gas (MIG) welding, metal active gas (MAG) welding and Resistant or spot welding. We use automated welding cells and robots to perform the most precise operations to achieve maximum cost reduction and ensure the best quality.View post →

Wire forming

Strong and close relation with the main machine developers in the world to achieve the best solutions for our customers. CNC single head machines up to Ø13 mild steel, multibend dual-head configuration up to 10mm and special purpose machinery.View post →

Cold Stamping

  Cold forming involves the transformation of a sheet of metal inside a forming die under pressure. We operate various kinds of cold forming presses with different automation concepts with press forces ranging from 63 tons up to 800 tons. MCG Auto Portugal and MCG Stamping.View post →